Welcome Mr J-F from Canada to Visit our company again

Time: 2018-12-19 Author: DataCount:2325

We feel very happy to welcomeour old customer Mr J-F to visit our company again. Mr J-F visited our companythree years ago. We have been in good cooperation in precision farming industryfor 3 years. Mr J-F has a farm which is about 3000 Mu. The farm is equippedwith very high tech equipment and advanced agriculture technology. Our landleveling system and auto steering system have been in good application in hisfarm. In the past three years, both sides have been keeping deep communicationon new technology and new functions.

Duringthis visit, Mr. J-F and our company have a deep discussion on the futureinnovation of new technology and market development. Our company is alwaysinvesting large amount of fund and labor in the R&D in order to meet themarket requirement.

Both sides will work togetherand to improve the equipment performance and to develop the market. We believewe will reach the win-win.


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